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The Plane of Opposition. A strange place, where a multitude of other lands, worlds, and planes dump into. 

Over the centuries, this has caused the land of Opposition to be littered with relics of ages past, of civilizations that have tried to survive in the strange and wondrous world that is Opposition. Inhabited by creatures from a multitude of worlds, Opposition is still largely unexplored.

Those who come to the plane generally do so voluntarily these days, as the portals into the world have been mapped and cataloged. However, new worlds are always gaining access to Opposition somehow, which has caused the land to become a veritable melting pot of cultures, peoples, and ideals.

Most who come to Opposition do so generally for one of two reasons: To escape their past and start over, or to hunt for the treasures of previous ages. The city of Intention sits in the very center of the plane, and underneath it lies the Halls. It is there, in the Halls, that people first appear when they come to the plane. 

From there, its a short ride through the trolley system to the surface, and into the city of Intention proper.

So let me welcome you, traveler, to Opposition. Your destiny awaits. Will you be a hero, lauded for your discoveries and assisting others? Will you be a villain, looking for more power to help further your goals? 

Or will you be neutral, working for whomever has the most coin and caring not what effects your actions have?

The choices are yours.

The land of Opposition awaits. 

Opposition is a miniatures rule-set designed to allow a player to be creative beyond what most of the current major games allow. The idea behind the game is to give players the ability to make their own "balanced" characters, and form “Gangs” with them to face off against other players in battle!

All you need to play are some miniatures (or use the tokens provided) a measuring tape or ruler, some six sided dice (about 6 per player), and a 3ftx3ft minimum play area with objects to represent terrain.


This game was originally created in 2013 by me, Terminally Nerdy, and uploaded to Drive Thru RPG.  I have since taken it down, modified it a tiny bit, and reuploaded here to Itch.IO

The intent here was a Build your own Character Skirmish level Wargame, akin to something like Warcry, Necromunda, or Killteam, only with all the miniatures stats and powers designed by you.  It's meant to be a bit unbalanced, weird, and broken, as its designed to be a casual game for friends who want to express themselves and use the miniatures they have laying around.

Any funds obtained from the purchase of this will go to things like professional art and whatnot.  I mean sure I got a couple of basic templates and some token art in the back but if possible I would like to afford better.

For now this game is in development, and in addition to rewriting and adding a table of contents, I want to add the following (in no particular order):

  • ART!  Cover and Interior!
  • Faction / Guild system
  • Premade Units / Warbands for Guilds
  • Vehicle Rules?  Maybe
  • More Lore!
  • More Scenarios
  • More Abilities and Spells
  • Campaign System / Advancement
  • Tabletop RPG Rules

All of that will take time, and I am in no rush for this.  Again, don't expect a balanced game, that's not the intent.  This is not built for competition or anything along those lines.  This is built to be a fun, narrative, wacky game where you can have a team made up of a sentient pile of snails, an otter, and a ninja face off against a group of zombies and a walking monolith that is also a necromancer.  I want absurd, silly, fun games, not serious try hard games.

And the design will reflect this.


There are also community copies available for claiming.  Every time this game is purchased, a copy will also be added to the community copy pool for each $1.  This will let people who might want to try the game but are unwilling or unable to purchase it give it a shot.  All I ask is that you please leave a comment with your experience trying it out and any feedback you have!


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